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Basic Quran reading course with Tajweed, and those who want to improve their recitation can take an evaluation class for their recitation. Then we will suggest the course after completion of the free trial sessions.

Learn the foundation that starts from Qaida which enables you to recite Holy Quran. You'll read the Quran with fluent way after the completion of this course.
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Reading Quran with the rules of Tajweed is easy like you learn the alphabets of any language. In this course you'll start journey of recitation with proper tajweed rules. As, Tajweed has so much importance in the correction and beauty and correction of the Quranic letters or words.

Its obligatory for every Muslim to read Quran with rules. Start learning Tajweed now with our male / female Qaris.
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Holy Quran is divided into 114 Surahs, containing 6,236 verses. If a person memorize 20 ayah a day, it can be completed within a year. Most huffaz have studied as children being instructed in tajweed.

This course intends to help the students memorize Holy Quran. Those who wish to memorize Quran, our expert, experienced and professional Huffaz help devise a plan.
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Services Overview

We are very concerned for quality education than others as keep delivering proper classes on time for the fixed durations. Also, keep ensure that this platform more secure with friendly environment for kids, brothers and sisters. Methods of teaching Process are followed with highest level of quality.

All teachers are qualified in religious education as well Hafiz and Qaris. Female tutors also available for our ladies students especially. We train our staff to use internet equipments & tools to make sure that each student able to get proper attention.

Easy & Convenient

You'll learn in the best way by using a well known software Skype and no complications will face in getting classes. Each student takes individual class and no group classes offered, just to provide propers education to every kid or adult male or female. We also assist you about this in the start.

Tutors speak multiple languages e.g. English, Arabic and Urdu according to your needs. Whenever, miss any class we provide makeups in other days. Process of registration is also very simple, just submit contact form or directly contact us on phone, email or whatsapp. Regular classes are arranged in your preferred time and days.


Get Free 3 Trial Classes
Contact us anytime for demo classes or submit your query. Once you done we will schedule your trial classes instantly.

Assessment and Scheduling
Once we will get your info, will arrange your sessions within 24 hours. You'll take free 3 classes online without any charges.

Fee for Regular Sessions
We collect reasonable monthly fee charges to meet expenses e.g. elcticity bills, internet and tutors payable salaries.

Start Your Regular Classes
Now, fix suitable time and days that are good for you, if feeling that its suitable to continue regular Quran classes.