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Allah Almighty has sent down this Book to guide mankind until the Day of Resurrection, but only those who fear Him benefit from it. The Holy Script was not revealed all at once but different verses were revealed according to need and circumstances. The first emphasis was on memorizing the Qur'an to protect it. Paper was not available at that time, so these verses were mostly written on stone pillars, leather pieces, palm branches, bamboo pieces, tree leaves, and animal bones. We are the luckiest in the way that many forms of book are there for our help and easily avail any facility to recite the Noble Book as well as Quraan pdf for readers in soft form too easily available.

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God Almighty has commanded us to meditate in the Glorious Book, but this meditation should be in the light of the words and deeds of the first commentator Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). The Noble Prophet (S.A.W.) was entrusted with the responsibility of explaining the rules of the Holy Qur'an. This noble book will continue to be a beacon from the time of Allah's Prophet (s.a.w.) to the world to come because He (God) has made this book so comprehensive and preventive that the principles of faith, worship, affairs, sociology, and economics are mentioned in the Noble Book. And, their details are contained in the hadiths of the Prophet (s.a.w.). And the original text exists of Hadith & Quran in Arabic.

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We think about the worldly education of our children, spend all our hard work and attention on teaching them modern sciences and focus only on this temporary world and its comforts and no special struggle for that eternal and immortal world. Read Quran online pdf free to download, as the Holy Qur'an is the word of God Almighty which He has sent down for our guidance and God Almighty has placed a great reward for reading it. You may also use Quraan online English according to your language needs if facing any difficulty in reading a purely Arabic script or can download it in any other language for reading it online or by using a mobile device digital Quraan is easy to recite to everyone.